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     Welcome to The Cyber Yard Sale! The Cyber Yard Sale is similar to the other auction web sites but with one major twist. We are the only site that offers a Buyers Money Back Guarantee! If you purchase an item and don't receive it, you get your money back. Plain and simple! With this protection, we guarantee you will not get scammed when purchasing your items on this site.

     The Cyber Yard Sale is like your typical Yard or Garage sale but it is online. This makes your items available 24/7. The site is easy to use and new items are posted everyday. If you have something you have wanted to sell, post it on The Cyber Yard Sale today.

     The Cyber Yard Sale has no posting or inactivity fees. You can post your items free of charge on the site and if it doesn't sell, you can remove the item and you still have paid nothing out of pocket! We really want your items to sell so we also offer free Yard Sale and Garage Sale listings. One way or another we will help you sell your items.

     Best of all, you can sign up for an account and post your items within minutes. So get started today and sign up for a free account. Clean out the house, the garage or your neighbor's garage and sell it on The Cyber Yard Sale.

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