The Cyber Yard Sale does not take any responsibility for any content that is upload to the server. All information is uploaded by users. The user takes sole responsibility for the content and information they post within the site. The Cyber Yard Sale is not responsible for any lost, deleted or hijacked posts or accounts. It is the users responsibility to properly secure their account and regularly change their password. The administrators will make regular checks to ensure all users are complying with the terms and conditions. The Cyber Yard Sale reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without any warning. Users will be given a 30 day grace period to comply with rule changes. This is a legally binding document and will be enforced to the fullest extent. The terms and conditions are as follows and the user agrees to these terms when signing up for an account:
General Rules
  • All users must be over the age of 18. This is proven by entering users birthday. By signing up user vouches that the birth date entered is the correct and legal birth date of user. If user is found to be under the age of 18, the account will be removed.
  • The Cyber Yard Sale holds the rights to add, edit, or delete any of the content on the site, including materials posted by the user.
  • The Cyber Yard Sale may delete user accounts at any time without notice.
  • The Cyber Yard Sale urges that users do not share personal information or attempt to complete a transaction outside of the process used by the site. The outcome of this action could result in fraud or a scam and the users involved take full responsibility of their actions.
  • If a user decides to cancel their account, they must e-mail support@thecyberyardsale.com with proper username, birth date, and a reason why they wish to cancel the account.
The Cyber Yard Sale Complete Transaction Process
  • User posts the item at a set price. The user also includes a catchy headline, item's name, item condition, description and pictures. The user can decide if they wish to accept offers from other users.
  • The post is reviewed by administration and if approved, the item will become viewable by anyone on the site.
  • When an interested user comes across the item they can purchase the item or make an offer if the post allows.
    • If an offer is made, the offer goes to the seller and they can decide to accept it or decline the offer.
  • The user is then taken to a purchasing agreement page where they must agree to the terms to proceed with the order.
  • The user can then pay for the item.
  • Once the payment is processed, an email is sent to seller with the buyers name and address in order to ship the order.
  • Once the order is shipped, the seller must enter the shipping method and tracking number used.
  • The shipping method and tracking number will be emailed to the buyer.
  • Once the item is received, the buyer will login and acknowledge that they received the item to complete the transaction.
    • If the user doesn't complete this process in a timely manner after receiving the product, the administration will complete the order process based off the information given by the tracking number.
  • Once the transaction is completed, The Cyber Yard Sale will issue a check to the seller minus the fees listed below.
  • If for any reason the item is not received, the buyer, seller and The Cyber Yard Sale Staff will come together and determine a solution. The buyer and the seller both need to prove their side. This can be supported by tracking numbers and any other information given. The Cyber Yard Sale Staff will make the final decision in the matter.
Posting Items for Sale
  • Users take full responsibility for the item(s) they are posting.
  • Items must be purchased, given with owner's consent or owned by the user posting the item.
  • Items must be legal in the area selling the item and the area purchasing the item.
  • Items cannot be of an adult or pornographic nature.
  • Users cannot post any identifiable personal information. This is including, but not limited to, email address, mailing address or telephone number.
  • The seller takes responsibility of posting factual information about the item for sale. This includes any defects, size or other important information. If the buyer receives the item and it is not as posted, the buyer can ship the item back to the seller at the seller's expense.
Garage or Yard Sale Posting
  • Users take full responsibility for the information they are posting.
  • Users may not post their Cyber Yard Sale information in the Yard Sale Listing area.
  • Postings can be altered or deleted at any time, without notice, by The Cyber Yard Sale.
  • Postings will be deleted after the last day of the sale.
  • The Cyber Yard Sale has no involvement with the garage or yard sales posted. Therefore, The Cyber Yard Sale is not responsible for what happens at these yard or garage sales. The user must take all precautions to protect themselves.
Site Messages
  • All messages are filtered by the site. If any message violates the terms of service, it will automatically deleted from the system without notice.
  • NO PERSONAL INFORMATION may be shared via these messages. If personal information is shared, the site filters will delete the message from the system without notice. This is to protect the buyer and seller.
  • SPAM is strictly prohibited.
  • The messages can not contain any HTML.
User Registration
  • All users are welcome to create one account.
  • Users must supply a valid email address in order to complete the registration process.
  • All users must select a unique login that cannot be changed at any time.
  • The login and password are to only be used by the person that created the account.
Image Restrictions
  • Users are prohibited from posting any image that is protected under US copyright and trademark regulations.
  • Users are also prohibited from posting any pornographic or offensive images.
  • Users must obey any of their regions laws regarding images or Internet usage.
  • Item and Avatar images may not contain any personal information including but not limited to, email address, web site addresses, personal address or contact information.
  • Item Image must be a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp or .png format and be less than 500KB.
  • Avatar Image must be a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp or .png format and be less than 300KB.
  • All avatar images uploaded to the site will become public and other users may choose that image as their avatar.
  • All fees and payments will be processed in US Dollars.
  • The Cyber Yard Sale will collect a 5% transaction fee of the total amount of the sale item minus PayPal fees. IE. Item on The Cyber Yard Sale is sold for $5.00 and PayPal charges $0.44 to process the credit card. The Cyber Yard Sale will then charge $0.23 to complete the process. PayPal transaction fees can be found here.
  • Complete transactions will be processed on the last day of each month and a check will be mailed to the seller at the seller's expense. The cost will not exceed the current price of a USPS postage stamp.
  • Users can request other methods of receiving payment from completed transactions but any cost or fees associated with the user specified method will be absorbed by the user.
  • Any charge backs or other fees associated with a payment being declined will be absorbed by the purchaser.
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